MSquare Hotel is well located in the heart of Palembang. Its strategic location provides quick and convenient access to Central Business District, Government Building, and tourists’ attraction like famous Ampera Bridge, Masjid Agung, Pasar 16 Ilir, Benteng Kuto Besak, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum and Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat which are all within the walking distance.


From getting your work done to unwinding after a long day, you will find MSquare Hotel caters to your every need; from comfortable rooms, free internet access, to a mouthwatering breakfast – all you need to rejuvenate yourself, or relax.

Pulau Kemaro
Masjid Agung
Jembatan Ampera
Masjid Cheng Ho
Pasar 16 Ilir
Stadium Gelora Sriwijaya
Stadium Gelora Sriwijaya
Benteng Kuto Besak

Jalan Rupit No 905-906
Palembang - South Sumatera

Indonesia 30124

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Monpera building stands firmly on the side of Jl Merdeka, just next to the Great Mosque. Typically there are six forked (pole) solid concrete interlocked three-three at the left and right. It displayed various weapons and reliefs depicting the atmosphere of five days and five nights battle in the city of Palembang against the Dutch. The first groundbreaking and pole erection of the building on August 17, 1975. The museum was built to commemorate the heroes of the Independence War.